Kelp Monkey and the Buoy Battalion - Songs Under A Cherry Tree

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This is where we start the completion of the album:

Track Listing


X = Foundation Tracked and Ready Additional Production

D = Ready for drum tracking

R = Record Original or Re-do Foundation Tracks

One Step Closer - X D

Sodium Pentotol - R, .5 of X done

Nowhere (AKA: Light Breaks the Bottle) - R

City of Refuge - X D

These Days - X D

Leningrad - X D

Fat Fish Jesus - X D

SuperMoon - X D

Sakura R

Morning Song - Foundation needs to be re-recorded.

Same Road Love

Wife is Coming Home in a Vanagon

You'll Be Alone - X D


Go Away From Here

Letting Go is Easy

Misc Notes:

Approach musing today - I've 30 minutes to decide what song I want to work on in the next 2 weeks. Chipping away at the mountain is the only way towards completion. An album 10 years in the making will need love, slowly, slowly, STEADILY, chipping away.

Research and sound trials must go into the usage of 432 vs 440. I've a very good feeling 432 is going to be the, "golden standard".