SUACT - These Days

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I envision this song as our most sexual in the KMATBB repertoire. It literally has every element of a mutually favorable and desirable sexual encounter.

There is desire, seduction, escalation, penetration, crescendo, and then the post coital classical release, almost heavenly, like most great encounters.

I always thought this song started post pants, with 1 delicate spaghetti strap keeping the top on. There is a lot to be said of the efficient, but this one calls, no, it begs for foreplay, teasingly slow progress, and then WHAMMY, up up away... A fortune for these feelings, indeed....

All the elements you have added would be most accented in a introductorily sequence, dynamically ramping up in volume, in line with wandering hands, and just the right amount of tension.

Guitar first, definitely than i skatt then super retiredly light drums then bass, then keys perhaps.

I shall listen, o yes, i shall listen again and again. this is my first thou