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Hi I'm Joe Morishige, I was born in Yamaguchi Ken Japan in 1983.

This is an index to my brain, I am slowly piecing it together and hoping this act doesn't detract from my life, in-fact if I feel it does I will quit the endeavorer. However, for the time being I have found it to be a haven for myself. I don't know how anyone else's brains work but mine goes through an array of phases, some with more clarity about my direction and my past then others. Coming to this wiki and hitting random reminds me where I am going and the dreams that have resonated deeply within myself. The tones at the core never stop vibrating but I can often get lost in the noise. This place is me being as honest as I can not only to myself but to the universe. If you've any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

My Family





My Passion Projects

My First Album "The Pettying Zoo"

Sustainable Living




Music Education

My Bread Labor

My Philosophy

My Personal Journal

A Message for my Children

When I die please refer to this document to help steer your actions.

The MooseShip Seaworthy

Some things you might want to avoid (From my personal experience)

Not wearing earplugs when surfing in cold waters

Additional Explanations of this wiki

As time goes on I am realizing this phase of the Wiki is more for my sanity and hopefully something that my kids can look at when I'm gone. I still am poised to make the Sharemoon platform a reality and this wiki will still be used for that as well, but I see a lot of my edits on this wiki eventually moving to a dedicated personal wiki, I may decide other wise as this may someday give spice to the random button on this wiki. Philosophy is a hard beast to understand and I'm in no rush to lay down an outline of exactly how this thing will work. The thing I know is that technology has brought us to a point where we need to choose whether to use it for self profit or the possibility for a Humane life for all. I see a society world where people can live the life they believe without actively destroying the fragile balance of our planet and bringing a new form of global slavery through the homogenization and limiting of self justified by the pursuit of food, shelter, and health (Something I believe is a right for those who are willing to work cooperatively.) People don't realize they are slaves, they look at their bank accounts, their cars, and their houses and feel they've done good for themselves and played the game well. Others were never equipped for the game or were beating to a pulp trying (that's my category). I'm working towards a world where life is not a game and those who live in it no longer see the value of hiding ones cards and work towards a global pursuit of efficiency in the things that have the most value. (Food, Health, and Shelter).