Surfing meetup

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Are you a stay at home parent with a toddler, young one, or homeschooling lifestyle? Do you like to surf but have trouble finding time because of the endless responsibilities of child rearing? Are you generally easy going, non-judgmental, and willing and eager to expand your community and friend circle?

The goal of this meetup is to be the kindling to start a handful of close family friendships revolving around family, surfing, and community. I'm trying to find like-minded parents with similar child-rearing philosophies to ultimately take turns watching each others kids while the parents take turns getting 30 min to 1 hour surf sessions in. We'll likely be meeting at lighthouse field or kid friendly places that offer access to quick sessions.

Although the initial goal of trying to get out surfing is a bit selfish I think this activity could be a catalyst of some very meaningful and long-term friendships. It won't be long until the little ones will be in the water with us! (If it turns out that's their thing)

Of course those willing would want to meet and establish friendships and trust before any of this possible surfing can happy. So let's have a play date or two or three. And maybe, just maybe this crazy but perfectly logical group might work!