Surf Journal - 2016.10.10 - Ryms and The Lane

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Magical magic pants! After watching the kids for 6 days straight while Laura pulled a long stint at work I was fortunate to have an afternoon off while the first proper North West swell moved in! I took the 6'2" potatoe chip with me (a board that I got in Hawaii) and have kinda regretted buying since it was too thin and narrow. I first jumped in at the statue to get my blood flowing and hopefully chill out by the time I finished the 300 yard paddle into the lineup. I got a few fun ones at indicators and waited way too long in the slot trying to be patient while the local greedy pros go their fill and tested their egos. After a bit of that I was ready to head home, I sat on the inside and took off on one that unexpectedly jacked up in front of me, pushing me down on my board and breaking my board in half. Thankfully I didn't have much attachment to that board and have been feeling like its time to move on with it any how.

But then the universe shown down upon me and right as I got to the car I got a text from Ryan informing me that Ryms was firing and clean! ALL TIME STYLE! I was already feeling somewhat defeated with my broken board and a need to get some family time since we haven't all been together for a full day in awhile. But I figured I'd texted the wife and see if she'd be willing to pardon my conscience and like the magical wife she is she said go for it.

When Ryan and I got to the bluff it was firing, super glassy, with solid 10-12ft sets rolling through. I was giddy! Ryan was kind and let me borrow a 6'7" mini-gun that was very thin and narrow. I was pretty antsy most of the day and was ready to take it easy on the outside after seeing the amount of sets. We were lucky and got out in a nice lull. Once in the line-up I spent the first 45 minutes or so getting some serious poundings. It takes some time warming up to such a quickly jacking up waves like Ryms. I literally ate shit every way possible, the board didn't help since it was a bit hard to find the sweet spot but that's no excuse. I went over the falls, I fell backwards, I fell on my ass, I fell like a rock, I had a vision then ate shit, and a few more beat ups. But somehow I was able to pull it together and then proceed to catch 10 magic walls. On a day like yesterday Rym's offers up 2 - 3 solid turns, maybe 4 if your lucky. It also took some time to get used to making much longer carves instead of short summer chest-high jabs I'm been getting pretty comfortable with.

So... The nitty gritty... CHECK RYMS IN OCTOBER, this last session the tide was from 3 - 4.5 feet so I know it can handle a big tide. I think the ideal tide is between 1 and 3. The direction of the swell was 293 WNW at a 15 Sec Period. Also, don't be fooled by the feeling that wind north of town must be much worse than the wind in town in October. Amazingly the wind was less at ryms then at the lane.

When things look like this go to Ryms:

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 6.38.25 AM.png

Don't buy thin boards unless you're a pro or like wasting duckets:

Image-20161010 152808.jpg