Kelp Monkey and The Buoy Battalion - Set Lists

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Redwood Dinner (Fundraiser for Happy Valley Elementary)

Simon And Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence

Exit Music for a Film

Grand Funk Railroad - Closer To My Home

Hotel Utah - 2017.01.22

City of Refuge 4 min. (Capo 5)

Light Breaks the Bottle 3.5 (capo 4)

Same Road Love (E, D, A "verse" B, E "chorus") 5

These Days 3.5

Leningrad - (Be sure to play fast enough brah) 6

One Step Closer 4.5 (Capo 2nd)

Fat Fish Jesus 3.5 (Capo 5th)

SuperMoon 4 (Capo 1st)

Sakura 5

Morning Song 4 (Capo 2nd)