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So you have a lot of information on a lot of harddrives. How do you approach created redundancy for the most important information and keep track of what's on old drives, where? You have spent so much of your life re-organizing with no solid re-usable plan, this wiki has been created to hopefully wrangle it down.

Tier 1 (Family Photos/Videos, Creative Project Masters/Master Projects, Personal Writing, Finance Stuff)

Utilized Drives, Redundant Drives, and off-site location(s):

Current used space for:


Creative Project Masters:

Personal Writing:

Finance Stuff:

Tier 2 (Sample and Sound Design Libraries,

Current Mapped Drives and Designations:

KelpTimeWarp | Should be used primarily Tier1 Data | Formatted Mac OS Ex

Ideal Contents: Master Family Image Archive, Master Projects for Critical Projects, Location Sound Recordings,