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This page is an effort to put all the important sounds in my life in a central place:

Sounds of family

Media:Grammy M Reads Mother Goose.m4a - My Mother, Marti Morishige reading Mother Goose to my Daughter Hazel.

Media:Granny Reads Some.m4a - Granny Pascoe reads the beginning of a story on the porch on Rider Ridge (2016.10.13)

Media:Bedtime_Stories_and_Kais_Noises.m4a - Story time with me and Laura and kais wonderful 2 year old gaggle before bed (2016.10.04)

Media:File:Classic Kids Toy from my childhood with kai.m4a - Making some really nastalgic sounds with kai. (2016.05.07)

Location Sound

Media:Walking out to 3 mile.m4a - Walking out to 3 mile dawn patrol 2015.03.??