Joe Morishige - Journal Entry 2023.03.19 - Musik is Hard

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I have been pursuing music as a potential means to feed myself for roughly one year now and at this stage it seems very difficult to figure out how it is possible to make it a sustainable livelihood. I am not the kind of person who likes to whore himself out or do something kitchy or neat like a trained animal, I don't find joy in scratching peoples short attention spans. My pursuit is to deepen my connection with others and not fill some dopamine button for them. Perhaps doing so may open a door to seeing something or is a stepping stone to some path that leads to a deeper connection, but its so easy for me to get lost in those paths.

Sharpening the blade of my intention feels like the direction I need to be headed. I feel like I am floundering because I don't see a path. If I am to thrive in this work I need to make the path with a ever-evolving expression of who I am. I feel like I am just starting to scratch the surface of this. All I want to do is have the space to create and help others create. A desperate hope to be accepted for being my true self and a earnest heart to connect with others, for the sake of connection, a connection that reminds me of the joy of being human.

Where does this take me?

Well, you need to make a QR code, perhaps have some merch to sell, and maybe, just maybe figure out how to make a bit more money at each gig. But perhaps this is not the way, and there is a way to earnestly make monies online??? Hmm...?

How do I market myself in a way I feel good about and when do I start building sharemoon?