Joe Morishige - Journal Entry 2016.10.10

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Not a normal morning. I've put a pause on the banter of the presidential election debate. It's a true contest of who can memorize and eloquently rehash piles of turds at each other. A furious race to the bottom of each others assholes. If they both just stood on stage and licked each others butts for 1.5 hours it may be a more informative piece of information.

Something special happens in October, I get closer generally in a leap or two, closer to honing in my vision of a society I want to create and the possibility and path feel more attainable.

This may be a passing phase but since I've been getting into a good schedule with the children and the home life I've been able to be a much more even keeled thinker, more consistent, and I am feeling ready that I will be able to put time now into outlining the ShareMoon schematic.

It's been awhile since I've had much to say, just really digging into the heart of myself, realize that I need a regular schedule, realizing that I need to monitor ALL stimulants in my life.

But most importantly the children have been guiding me, they tell me where I am going, and where I need to be.

Thanks kids!