Joe Morishige - Conversations with my father

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I was trying to open a conversation in regards to how a community could be sustainable. Before the discussion could go very far my father stopped me and out right said it impossible for people to be reliable and it would never work. He said, "If someone wakes up in the morning he doesn't think that he may act poorly to someone, but then out of nowhere he has the possibility to say something poor or do something poor." With that he told me it was impossible to have any type of realistic community.

I prodded further and gave him an example of how we live in our society. Living under a set of laws we are able to function as a society. He told me that a small community would have nothing fixed so therefore had no possibility of success. I tried to go into detail about how a intentional community might work and or how people could work together if they shared a common goal but he then re-iterated his feelings about how people will do something poorly to others without ever pre-meditating it and how people are generally un-reliable.

I then told him his argument has no weight and is illogical and would be something a elementary school student would come up with. Which I regret for have saying. After that he told me his decision is based upon his life experience. It is also my life experience that humans are unreliable, wishy washy, and are mostly greedy and selfish. However, this still doesn't mean that people don't have the possiblity of working in a true community. Especially when there is a universal benefit.

After a bit more small talk things got down to the nitty gritty rather quickly when he eluded to me that humans have no hope in working together because they are inherently evil and can only work together with the help Jesus. Although I am a huge fan of the philosophy of Jesus and the Christian faith there is no place in my personal view that can reconcile an idea such as this and I believe it is this kind of hard-stance monothestic religion that is keeping a large part of society in the dark ages. When I told him that I cannot cope with a philosophy that believes people have no hope unless they adhere to a very specific religious ideal he replied that it is not philosophy that he speaks of, it is reality. So I told him that it is his reality and he kinda laughed at me. I tried to word another question but it didn't come out right.

So I said, "It is your reality that people have no hope of working together unless they believe in Jesus." He said yes, based upon my experience, yes.

I honestly don't prod down these conversation to be rude or mean but really to start to put what I believe in on the line. I think the christian faith has so much to offer but as long as people view it so cut and dry and view our society as completely hopeless nothing can ever start to get better. Christians write off our society to be doomed so they don't put any energy into fixing it and simply milk all the rules put in place. Making as much money as they can for the glory of god. Bleh. No thanks. I think Jesus and God is great, I think people can work together when seriously taking the words of Christ seriously but they aren't depended