First bed on 574 Rider Ridge Road

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This is the first time I am seeding directly into beds.


Best not to try seed harvesting when you're working with a small space. However pak choi flowers and shoots are great in stir fries, salads, and whatever!

20160420 121817.jpg

Beds need to be deep and Gravel free for carrots to glow long and not crooked. Also be sure to thin out carrots to 2 inch spacing or more sooner than later.

Bed Circa 2016.06.06

20160606 134743.jpg

20160606 134733.jpg

20160606 134721.jpg

Bed circa 2016.04.24:

20160424 garden.jpg

Bed circa 2016.04.13:

20160413 Garden.jpg

Bed circa 2016.03.10:

gardening keeps me head close to the earth

Bed Map:

Spring Garden Outline Garden Notes

Hey Mr what's your name? Who am I?

Hey what you stay brah? 20160413 095915.jpg

When mice attack 2016.02.17

new mice adversaries!

When hail attacks:





When aphids attack!:

aphids ruin yo sheet

Bok Choi Harvest:

on da choi

3 choi for stir fries

Lady, you're always welcome in my garden!!!

the rain and this lady makes life beautiful