You'll Be Alone (A Song For My Daughter)

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Howdy, this page is dedicated to my daughter in regards to a song I wrote for her, "You'll Be Alone". I've been listening to a recording I made with Jacey as Shipwreck, San Jose, and Rider Ridge. I listen and I want to cry, I feel bad that the title of the song sounds so morbid but I am writing this to let you know that its about the duality of life, hoping and dreaming that you'll someday deeply feel that with every negative emotion comes and equal positive. With every feeling of loneliness comes a feeling of connection. I know that we are all connected, you and I very closely but we're also connected to the most distant star, the farthest galaxy.

I don't exactly know how but this song also reminds me about how we all live on through each other. When I sat at the death bed of my Obachan I told her that she lives on through me, through my children and through you. I'm writing this down because there is a small chance that I might not be able to tell you this in person, I don't fret about such things, but I do want to be sure you hear this. I once had a friend who was distraught on the death of a close friend. We sat amongst redwoods and I told him that although this person may never show himself to you personally again, you are part of the living representation of him. He told me that he was such a good person, kind, gentle, and ernest. I looked at him and said, all of those experiences and lessons he brought to this world now live on through you. The best thing you can do to honor and commemorate and actually be your friend is to live and pass on all the good qualities he shared with you.

On the flip side of things we can also become the negative aspects of those we share our lives with, in this way its very important to be mindful who we regularly associate with and how they affect us. If we know someone is negatively effecting us we shouldn't judge them or try to change them unless we do it in love, but remember this requires an enormous amount of strength and mindfulness. In trying to change anything it is very easy to separate yourself from them, getting into a mindset of being better than them or convinced in our ideals. It is a very slippery slope. If you come from a place of love and mindfulness it is possible to help those you think need it but it only comes from an enormous amount of selflessness and sacrifice.

People can get so caught up with tangible things and humans, things we can see and touch, these things are fleeting. We can worry about these things and we do need to at times to help lay a foundation for the platform of life but they are by no means the most important thing. I hope this doesn't come off as too preachy. But this is my humble opinion through the things I've learned.

I love you,


You'll Be Alone MP3