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Be a Catalyst, Be a Creative, Be a patron of the Arts

Howzit, Howdy, Aloha, Shalom, Konichiwa, Oisyo,

This wiki is dedicated towards the collection of knowledge-byte-meme’s that have the ability to shape the Universe around us in a universally sustainable manner. I personally am largely using the wiki to collect information in regards to off-grid living techniques. My goal is to find the longest lasting comfy underwear, the most effective battery, the most delicious tomato, and the most efficient living structures. I’m striving to find a happy balance between technology and ecology.

In tandem with general information collection I’m hoping this wiki will start technically outlining a hyper-secure decentralized authentication protocol so connected devices can seamlessly transfer data and ultimately tangible fair trades to each other.

Personally I'm hoping to actualize a sharing service for original musical, spoken word, and location sound recordings. Similar to what Napster once was but with the ability for copyright owners to get paid directly from listeners. This system would include transparent analytics so people would know how much each user has been rewarded for their creativity.

I'm confident the technologies exist so that a social/economic platform can be run without the need of a centralized ecosystem focused on a for-profit model. My vision is a social/economic network focused on healthy sharing and individual and collective growth. The monetization of the content of our lives that we willingly share is now the blood and value of the new media economies. My focus is to create a platform where this value is retained with the individual and all individuals on the platform. In this way each person's voice has an equal say. I am a long ways off from writing a single line of code and am in more of the philosophical research phase. However, I know the technologies exists, namely block chain (immutable decentralized databases [what makes bitcoin possible]) and large amounts of interconnected decentralized storage (your phone, computers, etc.). This is all rooted in a firm belief that if we don't use technology to truly help us thrive it will beat us to a pulp and freedom will be the thing of the past. Check out "The Attention Merchant's" by Tim Wu. He paints a good history on my concerns with the future of this path. I dream my dream will be of use for those willing to work in true community. It's a simple premise, instead of using the personal information we've forfeited to profit those willing to pay and sift that information, use the information to build community, efficiency, and health.


- ShareMoon is dedicated to best leveraging technology and transparency to most efficiently and harmoniously exist with nature and with each other. The scope of our mission is grand and encompasses all facets of life. Please make yourself comfortable, there is a lot of work to be done.

I share all I can because its the only way I can stay sane. Putting my head down I'm dreaming and things are getting clearer, slowly, slowly.

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