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Howzit, Howdy, Aloha, Shalom, Konichiwa, Oisyo,

This wiki is dedicated towards the collection of knowledge-byte-meme’s that have the ability to shape the Universe around us in a universally sustainable manner. I personally am largely using the wiki to collect information in regards to off-grid living techniques. My goal is to find the longest lasting comfy underwear, the most effective battery, the most delicious tomato, and the most efficient living structures. I’m striving to find a happy balance between technology and ecology.

In tandem with general information collection I’m hoping this wiki will start technically outlining a hyper-secure decentralized authentication protocol so connected devices can seamlessly transfer data and ultimately tangible trades to each other.


- ShareMoon is dedicated to best leveraging technology and transparency to most efficiently and harmoniously exist with nature and with each other. The scope of our mission is grand and encompasses all facets of life. Please make yourself comfortable, there is a lot of work to be done.