Transfering Roku Class B Shares to Fidelity Broker Accout

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Before your Roku stock can be transferred 2 your fidelity brokerage account you must jump through some additional hoops. Before I go into the details I'll go over some questions that are yet to be answered in order to most successfully and efficiently facilitate this process.

The first question is to be asked to the Roku legal department in regards to what the state and or what type of class the stock will become after the lockout. Expires. It's possible that AST will automatically mass issue my stocks into class A stocks on the day of the end of the holding period. Until that question is answered it's uncertain whether it will be necessary to submit a letter of instruction to AST Financial on the day before the hold ends.

Due to the class B nature of my current holdings it is impossible for me to move my options to my fidelity brokerage account. The best case scenario from what I understand at this moment is that I initiate a letter of instruction email a couple business days before the end of the lockout period so it is in their system on the day the lockout Expires. Then I would call the legal transfer department at 5am PST and or Tamisha at 718 921 8200 extension 6811.

In addition to converting my stocks from Class B to class A I need to contact fidelity so they are able to receive my stocks as soon as possible. I also need to contact fidelity to figure out how early I can initiate a transfer on their system so they'll be able to recieve the options ASAP.

Also, I still need to reach out to Tamisha in regards to being perfectly clear about what documentation is necessary to facilitate a successful transfer. The AST website is confusing in regards to this matter and it seems that all transfers require a W-9 form however when filling out these forms the W-9 refers to getting direction from your brokerage. In addition the W-9 form requires a medallion stamp and I'm still not certain whether or not this is necessary to complete the transfer.

Other things that are important to note to Fidelity is that it's possible that the account number for my AST Financial transfer account will change when my stocks move from class b to class A in which case Tanisha instructed me to link all Social Security numbers or accounts under same Social Security numbers in the AST portal on the day the lockout expires.

If the number changes can I still make a successful transfer to Fidelity if the account is properly linked?