The MooseShip Seaworthy

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The MooseShip Seaworthy was a 1994 Nissan Sentra that I purchased in 2008. Shortly after purchasing the car Sean Boyles painted the car with a myriad of faces. When the paint was dry the car was driven from San Jose to Minnesota for the 10,000 lakes music festival. Myles Forman named the car, "The Mooseship Seaworthy" while en route to the festival. I drove the car 60,000 miles after only paying 1,100 for it. The car was sold for 333.00 in 2016 to the friendly guy in the last picture on this page. The mooseship was a marvel to behold and my life was greatly enriched by the travels I had in her.

Craigslist Add for the MooseShip - File:1994 Nissan Sentra 2 Door Art Car for Sale (Moose-Ship-Seaworthy).pdf

20150902 115032.jpg

20160423 mooseshipday.jpg

20160423 mooseship.jpg

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