Surf Journal - 2017.01.21 - 33ft at 288 degrees

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20170121 105240.jpg

20170121 110115.jpg

Probably the biggest swell I have ever seen hit Santa Cruz not to mention a funky heavily West (Kinda Northwest) swell. Had the local conditions been a little better some breaks may have been surfable for a brave soul with the right gear. My 6'1" quiver was not gonna cut it and it wasn't the right day. The kids and I played at natural bridges as huge 15-20ft sets rolled out over the horizon of the beach. Even at the semi low tide what was pouring in over the entire beach pushing water deep into the back lagoon. We drove the whole coast of Santa Cruz and only saw 2 surfers chilling right up next to the right side of the pier. Beautifully chaotic day in the water.

Screenshot 2017-01-21-16-10-39.png