Surf Journal - 2016.11.24 - The Lane (thanks giving)

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Oregon surf Journal I woke up around 5:30 this morning and I was really torn between going up to Scotts Creek because it's the high time and I knew it would be working there you go to the Lane and deal with the crowd and the swamp time and crossing my fingers and trying to get a few nuggets indicators. I don't have a board right now to surf up north comfortably after losing both of my six sixes I really probably could paddle in with my 6 1 but I think it's probably best to not try and push any over double overhead with a 6-1 board. So I found out that jumped off at the lane a little after 6 and scored a couple sweet ones I got one roll and probably and they took all the way to Cowell's and went over the falls on a couple but a couple small ones and then another just screaming couple photo over head all the way into town and I floated on my back right after the first one I got the sun was just coming up and I just voted on my back in the inside of towels and enjoyed watching the Crescent Moon and coddled egg coddled egg what the hell is coddled egg I tried to say I told you told you what the hell is told you I'm trying to say paddled and not and in. Okay bye

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