Surf Journal - 2016.05.10 - Davenport Landing

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After my first day working on Tai and Kristen's new house with Ken in Davenport I was able to sneak off to visit the family chilling at Davenport Landing and sample the reef left for the first time.

By far the most memorable part of the session was seeing to dolphins on the first proper waves I spotted in the line up. A long boarded caught a nugget wave right after a dolphin leap out of the water riding the same wave. Clean clear water. Also a whale kept popping his head out just yards away from the right break.

The waves were really fun, every 10 minutes or so a solid head-high+ set of 3-5 waves would roll through giving some fun lines. A great place to build your left chops!

Tide going down at around 3 ft.

3-4ft 3ft at 8s NW (316°) 3ft at 10s WNW (295°) 3ft at 15s SSW (203°)