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RoustAboutJoe.Com - (Joe Morishige)

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Phone: +1 (408) 332-1410


What can I do for you?

I am willing to do, learn, and implement anything legit for $20/hr. (general labor) or $38/hr. (computer work). For general labor a minimum of $130/day is ideal due to driving costs. As for computer support I can assist via house calls, office calls, remote assistance, or whatever. I am also open to bidding larger jobs by Project. Lets talk! I look forward to hearing from you.

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You are likely looking to have some sort of work done by someone besides yourself, this person may be me, Joe Morishige. I can do many things from planting/maintaining a garden/orchard, fix your computer or networking infrastructure (PC or MAC), record your next record, general day labor (digging, clearing hauling, etc.), solar infrastructure installation, off-grid infrastructure design, and an infinite amount of other things I'd love to learn and effectively accomplish for you. The bulk of my professional life has been working on computer systems management for Small/Large businesses and Startups. After 8 years of developing my IT career and skill-set I realized that the corporate world was not for me so I resigned and started a new quest to learn how to use my hands through developing a sustainable lifestyle (growing food, off-grid living, small-footprint living, etc). I wanted and to bring my life back to the basics because I have such a strong conviction that we need to start living more efficiently and collectively if we want this planet to be a haven for countless generations to come.


This page is a launching pad for all information pertaining to my work ethic, skill-set, projects accomplished, lessons learned, etc. I know this is an unorthodox way to represent myself straight off but I am a firm believer in transparency and open access to data. In this way you can be confident you're making the right choice in choosing me to help you out.