Kids With Beards

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Kids With Beards is an awesome band.

They consist of the following members:

Zach - Drum

Bryan - Key

Myles - BAss

Joe - Guitar

Each member also plays their souls and whatever gizmo or gadget he feels compelled to. Including but not limited to, walls, toilets, plungers, synths, hands, buttock, etc.

Here is some of their music:

Live at Jacey's, Sponsored by StemStim

File:01. Kids With Beards - StemStim.mp3

File:02. Kids With Beards - Ripe Mango.mp3

File:03. Kids With Beards - Two Planets Left Four Billion Past.mp3

File:04. Kids With Beards - Apples Taste Like Potatoes.mp3

File:05. Kids With Beards - Ode To a Dead Bird.mp3

File:06. Kids With Beards - Crappy Tool Cover.mp3

File:07. Kids With Beards - Goodbye. This is just the begining.mp3