Kelp Monkey Labs - Action Items

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Action Items to Finish Before Next Single Release

Insert Screaming in Whole Audio Track (Waiting on Jacey to send Updated Scream File)

Creative Project Ideas

Make a mock business update call (Share holders, etc.)

Create a detailed page for all the expenses incured during the album, show the album (negative X dollars and subtract from that amount as we get donations)

Merch Action Items

Print Book

Make T-Shirts

Make Stickers

Jacey - Collect Poetry to accompany a potential art book

Social Media Action Items

Instagram - Setup account and brainstorm plan of attack

Website - Give a good spit shine

Facebook - Fuck Zuck but spend some time on this shit

Twatter - Ugh...

Create Bandcamp Page

Copyright and Licensing

Is Kelpmonkey a Viable Name through the copyright office? If we use the name Kelpmonkey, I like the look of Kelp Monkey as opposed to Kelpmonkey... What say you?

Completed Items

Update Spotify link on Submithub for Share