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In being a very direct human I have submitted to not being an island unto myself. I have spent a lot of energy into feeling I needed to be good at and/or master so many things. This burden has crushed me time and again and will continue to do so. I have however acknowledged its existence and am creating this page to parse where my allies lie and who I can reach out to to give me guidance and an honest perspective. This page is by no means an outline of definitive gurus as I believe we should doubt everything we here. However, the essence of the sharemoon community system is that those participating will give you their honest opinion, their first hand human experience, with as little frills as possible. People who can give us honesty without need to exagerate and make things more than they are are very hard to find and when found they should be respected regardless if their opinion differs from yours. As long as history and honesty rings true in their voice they are someone you will learn from.

Your Allies:

When needing to talk about alternative approaches to cancer treatment:

Emmeline Craig