Joe Morishige - Moon Action List June 2015

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In no particular order, though ordering could be good when time and brains permit.

Work Responsibilities

Finish Christine's Website

Infrastructure Changes

Trench for Gray Water

Test Water, Compost, Clay/Dirt

Car Maintenance

Clean Idle Air Control Unit in Honda

General On-going Chores

Go to dump

Rotate Composting Toilet

Setup 3rd Garden Site

Eat and Drink

Completed Items:

Get PVC (measure length to orchard)

Get Irrigation Materials (done)

Empty Composting Toilet (done)

Empty Cured Human-Faeces compost and store. (Need to buy large tote or find recycled) (done)

Get Dirt and Fertilizer (done)

Pickup Swamp Coolers (done)

Pickup Additional Solar Panels (done)

Pickup 20' of 8 Gauge (Check price at solar supply shop, maybe get free with controller deal) (done)

Do Laundry (done)

Pet Cat (done)

Recycle Bottles and Cans for Cash Money (done)