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This new moon feels to signal a renewed effort to move away from passive addictions and into living in more intentional conscious action towards the present moment and my life goals.

It is easy for me to get carried away in over planning moment by moment and forget to be present in the moment. It is easy for me to feel I've attained a goal so I'm then allowed indulgence. This may be a healthy thing from time to time but I am realizing that I should try to minimize its part in my life. When 10PM rolls around it's easy for me to "VEG", I do not want to veg anymore, I want to flourish. If VEGGING is what I want to do I should first try to stretch and then sit and be with myself. It is so easy to feel deserving of doing nothing and indulging in sweet flavors and mindlessness, I do not want to judge myself for these desire and conditioning as its deeply rooted from childhood but if my visions are to fruit it is time to start digging into these conditions, lovingly and thoughtfully and patiently. This will surely bring myself closer to balance and closer to realizing the vision of the world I dream possible.

Before sitting on your ass and watching TV, stretch or meditate and then put some energy into creation even if it doesn't feel completely inspiring.

Watch yourself when you try to plan things to perfection, give life and opportunity to breath, and breath yourself with the world around you.

Family, Family, Family

Mind, Mind, Mind

Body, Body, Body

Present, Past, Future

Learn, Create, Share

Love, Love, Love

Clean, Clean, Mop

Plant, Grow, Reap

Your family is #1, family is your life. Focus on keeping a stable happy family everything else is secondary, if you're family is happy you are, if you are happy your family is.

After family is focusing on a sustainable lifestyle.

After personal sustainability, share whats important to you.

Over arching all of this is figuring out how to feed and shelter yourself, jobs, work, farming, etc. etc. etc.