Joe Morishige - Journal Entry 2023.04.06 - Music Is Progressing (Putting things into perspective.)

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Last year at this time my goal was to have a gig a week and I was doing anything I can to make that happen. And now, well now I am offered a gig and I can't take it because it's not economically viable. All of my marketing emails have recently focused around a duo act with Keith and me but I think I need to start revolving on using myself and the main point for marketing and just add featured musicians here and there.

I remember feeling not long ago, maybe 3 months ago, really deeply feeling how lucky I am to pursue this music thing with my kids and while being a father. I was so deeply thankful for a few days thinking about how lucky I am to have this chance. And now I just spent the last 5 days mulling over a rejection from a brewery that was only going to pay me $75. I had asked to get $200 in pay but they told me they pay $50 per band member up to 3 members and $75 solo. I requested to play solo because I knew I couldn't and wouldn't want to get my bass player to play for $50 at which point they stopped emailing me. It's really depressing that the money is so poor and its really depressing that I have to spend my time thinking about how I might print pictures and frame them nicely and how I am going to get my online content more engagement and how I'm going to make a few more bucks. Through all of this I'm wondering, really wondering, what I have to offer and in the midst of this shit how do I actually make something new that's worth listening to. Because I think that's what I do, I make things that people listen to, unfortunately these days people don't actually use their ears without first using their eyes, their eyes that tell them numbers of value, numbers of others, numbers for those who care. Perhaps its how these numbers are presented that are the biggest danger to free thinking.

Be careful out there, see social media as a nasty drug, treat it as a nasty drug, keep it at arms length because you know it serves you no good. The only things worth following are the ones that nourish and inform your next steps.

After spending a fair amount of time using social media as a means to an end for getting myself out there and getting traction for publicity and getting gigs I am feeling that I need to radically change the way I interact with social media and radically change how, when, and why I publish content.

It is not healthy for me to be a keep up with the joneses kind of social media persona, I am simply too sensitive on the opinions and desperate need for validation from my peers. Just as much as there is a stress about how people view my creative output there is also a addiction to gathering data to understand what people want, who wants it, and how to progress to make better things that more people want.

Knowing that these issues exist, how do I market myself without spending so much time fretting about others and the information gleamed from them from the barfo-sphere. Where do I publish my content, how do people see what I'm doing.

Do I need to develop an online presence?

What does an anti-online presence look like? Is that something that has a place online?

My motor functions all itch to press the worn trails that bring me to advertisements and the content of other peoples lives? Why do I need to spend my free time looking at the filtered and fake content of someone else's life. Someones hyper life.

The life worth sharing in an authentic one, the life I want to share is an authentic one. One that takes the good and the bad and presents them fairly.

Can I create a twitch channel where I simply document my life whenever and however possible when I am working? Should I? Probably Not.