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Good morning sleepy head, here is your life and its happening right now, nothing before or after aside from the wheels you have started that might come back to roll you over by societies game.

I come here to write but it's out in the open where no one will read any time soon but it is still somewhat terrifying because it isn't kept to me. There are things that I want to write that I don't feel I can here, but maybe I should.

Thanks to an Alan Watts lecture I have recently started thinking about the world less as something to be controlled but more something to move through whilst resonating my unique self. I have big ideas and they seem vital and crucial to me, I'm also convinced that seeing some of these idea into fruition could have a major positive impact to the universe. But I'm starting to let go of the conviction of "Right Mindedness".

There are two new songs that I want to start working on:

  1. 1 - Clouds
  1. 2 - Catch and Release (Catching things is a part of human life, we cannot exist without doing so, however in the midst of this social media age, its so easy to completely lose awareness of life around you and start becoming obsessed with catching it as to grow your digital social value. I am continually dealing with this as an artist in the age, I love to capture images, emotions, and moments. And I also feel the nasty residual effects of the disease of capture vs experience... The idea of capture is part of the art lifestyle but in my life it needs to be nurtured with a path to release as fast as its healthy for me.