Joe Morishige - Journal Entry 2019.05.31 - New Job New Doors New Perspective

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I type here in awe of the fortuitous events of my life. Four and a half years ago I made an active decision to give up a successful career with huge potential (though seriously soul sucking and not what I was meant for) to live on the razors edge on a desolate ridge with my family with a subtle confidence that it was the right path for myself and in turn my family. To do so, huge sacrifices were made and a re-evaluation of everything I knew and valued was set into flux. My hiring yesterday as the Life Lab Director for Happy Valley School was a major validation for myself that all these sacrifices, trials, and hurdles were completely and unquestionably the absolute right direction my life and being is supposed to head in.

Over the last 4 years I have learned so many things, most of them subtle and beyond the scope of words, things you learn only when thrown into the fire of the unknown, the fire of the razors edge, the fire of barely enough, the fire of survival, the fire of the fear of the coming storms (literally), the fire of surgery, the fire of epilepsy, the fires of self doubt, the fires of addiction, the fires of creativity, the fires of the county, the fires of shelter insecurity, the fires of being at the mercy of others entirely, the fires of things that want to eat your garden, and.... the FIRES and MORE!!!

It is through these fires I have been burned to ash and rebuilt time and again. It is through these fires I am starting up the mountains of knowledge: of facing fear over time. There are many mountains to go. Slowly peeling away the false truths raised into me, but not born in me. Finding my own truth and making it my life and in turn my families.

A new wondrous world has been opened to me by keys too complex to fathom though I know they were brought into being largely by following the drive of the spirit I discovered not long before I left the old world of the cube. This old world, which chose to kick my teeth in while I was living a life for a collective goal I couldn't align myself with. The old world in which someone died after I started a chain of events believing the system I participated in actually functioned somewhat properly. Now I have been blessed with this new world, a world in which I am willing to dive into because I subtly know that the invisible psychic net, physical net, and emotional net of those close and dear to me will be there for me no matter what.

The world is fresh now but it will be stale again but I know the microbes will feast, the sun will shine, and life will begin again. Here I am, forever searching, seeing doors open I thought closed tight until a later time. I am so blessed, how did this happen? It was me, it was you, it has always been us, thank God we're in it together.

PS. The surf was perfect today. 4'6" Bodyglove magic to the stairs and back. Giggling and laughing because I'm finding out who I am. Tossing my son up high into the air and devouring his uncontrollable laughter with delight!

Once realizing what I am there is nothing left but gratitude and laughter.