Joe Morishige - Journal Entry 2016.05.09

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Bitter tastes lingering in my mouth. I have a bubbling anger towards Laura I haven't seem to be able to let go of for the last 24 hours. Yesterday's mothers day ended in bitter silence. I can't remember letting a general unhappiness towards my wife linger like this ever. Im past the point of who's right and wrong and have decided to be just generally mean to no aim besides a unidentified spite. I quit drinking caffeine on Friday and it definitely has something to do with nuturing these negative mindsets. I also know the lack of intimacy due to the surgery is also an aspect of my discontent. I find myself wondering if this so called surgery to keep laura healthy has done nothing but unhealthy things for our family dynamic. In hindsite it's not easy for me to swallow the idea of doing something so drastic when you're perfectly healthy. Not to mention the surgery taking away at least a year of normal function and the forcing of the serious life changes as well. Maybe this is a big reason why I've decided so strongly to be upset.

Whatever the reason I need to get over it and stop nuturing my anger. Okay, I'm on the path to getting over it.

K den.