Joe Morishige - A poem

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Restless, wandering, searching, pondering, forgiving, accepting, looking, finding, losing, loving.

Hip words on tangled fingers come

Slow them down, down, down, way fucking down

I keep looking but I'm missing something, everything

But then... I find something I fancy and I hold it close, too close

So close I'm soffocating, its cutting through me and I'm a mess

Not to be confused with a human connection

Something pulling me away from my breath, from everything melding molding infinitely

I try not to forget that I am an no different than you, than the words you speak, even when they don't enter my consciousness they live through me forever

But I forget, then there is you, and me, lonely in my head, lost

Eventually, I find something again, the same words slinking around my finger tips

Then finally in a flash the words make no sense and I am free from their spell

I shake my hair like al lion and run, I embrace my animal nature, it's been fighting to come out

I hold myself close, with open arms accepting my nakedness for the first time

Who knows where they're going?

What they're supposed to do, and when?

Not I.