574 Under House Storage

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20160702 134831.jpg 20160702 134834.jpg

Stand Alone Items

White Desktop Quad Core PC

Back Desktop Quad Core PC

EcoSeb Dehumidifier

Mr Heater Propane Heater

Orange Large Sleeping Bag

Space Heaters x2

Misc Wires Box

20160706 171218.jpg

12v Gear Samsonite

20160702 132022.jpg

120 to 12v @ 8amp charger

Growlight Strips

400 watt 12v to 120v inverter

20 amp 12v Switches

120 to 12v adapter

Cigarette Plugs to soldering and clips for direct battery connections

12v Timer

1 to 4 cigarette splitter

12v macbook adapter

Laura's Ariat Riding Duffle

20160702 130203.jpg

2 Chaps

Goliaths Halter

2 Sets of Spurs

Backpacking Gear

Joe's Backpacking Pack:

20160702 124243.jpg

Contents: Aluminium Pot, Aluminium Bowl, Fork, Knife, 2 Tin Cups, 4 Carabiners, 2 Head Lamps, Thermarest and Tent Repair Kit, Bear Can, Tarp, Camel Back, Contacts, Dragonfly White Gas Stove and Gas Canister, Water Filter, Leatherman, 2 Firstaid Kits, TP, Shovel, Toothbrush and Paste

Stuff Sack Contents:

20160702 124336.jpg

Laura's Backpack Contains Hazel's Sleeping Bag

20160702 130406.jpg

George's Old Backup Contains 2 Thermarests

20160702 123412.jpg

Short Gray Tote #1

Surfboard Repair Stuff

Surfboard Fins

Car Repair Fluids - Brake Cleaner, Dot3, Air Flow Control Cleaner

Ping pong paddle

Tall Gray Tote Recording Gear #1

Big Knob


Rnc x2, Rnp

Solo 110 beta

Baby Bottle

Vacation Suitcase

Motorcycle Jacket

Adidas Large Dufflebag

Ariat Small Dufflebag

Black Hard plastic Container with latches and wheels

20160625 160646.jpg

6 port snake

Phone preamp (rolls)

Display port to dvi cables x2

USB extender

Firework 400 and 800 cables

XLR cables

Patch cables

Rca cables

Power cables for amps, preamps, etc